What, in your opinion, makes designer a good designer? What is of utmost importance in this profession?
If you ask me, good graphic design can never be the easy way. Always doubt your decisions. Force yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally dare to do. Don’t ever feel confortable about your work, even if it has reached a wider acceptance, keep questioning its relevance. Basically, don’t expect anything from your achievements. Don’t try too hard to be original, instead, try to be consequent, clear and honest to yourself. Don’t ever base your work solely on visuals and aesthetics. Don’t refer to or base your work on famous great artists or movements, create your own logic. Don’t aspire to be avant-garde. Don’t perceive graphic design only as a service to satisfy a client, and don’t ever work to only surprise your client — always try to surprise yourself. Most importantly: Don’t ever be SERIOUS!

Aleksandar Todorović  ()